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Whats significance of Peepl true in Hindu religion
Aum Shanti Aum

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Sri Om Jai Om...

The significance of "Peepal Tree" is given in Bhagwat Gita when Lord Krishna explains to Arjuna that God i.e. Brahm is in Peepal Tree. This is explained in the context that God is every where and the Main Tree in which He resides is Peepal Tree.

That is precisely one strong reason that people pray to God as "Peepal Tree".

May God Bless !!

Peepal tree is considered highly sacred, as people are of the belief that Lord Vishnu and many other Gods used to reside underneath it. Peepul plant is regarded as the representation of various Hindu Gods and Goddesses. The tree is also believed to be associated with the Mother Goddess during the period of Indus Valley civilization.

Origin of Peepal
Tree In the Hindu religion, Peepal tree has a lot of reverence and significance for people. People worship the tree and perform a puja. But, nobody really knows anything about its history & origin. Well, there are also some interesting legends associated with the Peepal tree. The tree is known for its heart shaped leaves that have long narrowing tips. The origin of peepal tree can be traced back to the times of Indus Valley Civilization (3000 BC - 1700 BC) in the Mohenjodaro city.

Peepal Benefits
Peepal tree is of great medicinal value. Its leaves serve as a wonderful laxative as well as tonic for the body. It is especially useful for patients suffering from Jaundice. It helps to control the excessive amount of urine released during jaundice. The leaves of Peepal are highly effective in treating heart disorders. It helps to control the palpitation of heart and thereby combat the cardiac weakness.


(Source: Colours of India)

thx for replies.Why we put water or milk on peepal tree every saturday.


Sri Om Jai Om...

We do all know that Man is made of Panchbhoot i.e. Five Elements of which Water is Prime one. All the living Yonis/Creations cannot survive without water, we do all know. Three fourth of our Body is with Water content. Similarly the Earth is also having three fourth of water.


People in utter regard to Creator or God offer Lamps as a token of Agni element in our Body and Water out of which all creations came and their survival is dependent upon Water.


Similarly people may offer Milk which is a Satvik food in their prayers at "Peepal Tree". We do all know Satvik Food generates Satvik Thoughts and that helps us to establish contact with God.

May God Bless all of us !!

Namaste Amitji,

On Saturday, before sunrise, a Deepak of oil (mustard oil or sesame oil) may be lit under Pipal tree and it should be worshipped by the milk, dhoop, deep etc. It is beneficial to attain good results.


"Hare Srinivasa"

But why only on saturday.why not on other days too.


Sri Om Jai Om...

Amit ji

Saturday is the Day of Hanumanji. We pray to God in the form of Hanumanji so that we get Shakti to over come some problems affecting our life.

Saturday is also the day when people pray to over come problems in their life by praying for Shani Dev besides Rahu and Ketu, the two Ganas of Shani. So some people are advised by Pandits to pray at Peepal Tree to over come the problems in their life.

To me all days are same. We must light lamp in our Temples at home or elsewhere and chant or remember God at all times during all days.

That will be the best approach rather than to pray in the time of problems on Saturdays, etc.

May God Bless !!

 Called ashvattha in Sanskrit Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita, says: "Among trees, I am the ashvattha.  

In the Upanishads, the fruit of the peepal is used as an example to explain the difference between the body and the soul: the body is like the fruit which, being outside, feels and enjoys things, while the soul is like the seed, which is inside and therefore witnesses things.

Some people are particular to touch the peepal only on a Saturday. The Brahma Purana explains why, saying that Ashvattha and Peepala were two demons who harassed people. Ashvattha would take the form of a peepal and Peepala the form of a Brahmin. The fake Brahmin would advise people to touch the tree, and as soon as they did, Ashvattha would kill them. Later they were both killed by Shani. Because of his influence, it is considered safe to touch the tree on Saturdays. Lakshmi is also believed to inhabit the tree on Saturdays. Therefore it is considered auspicious to worship it then.

The peepal is also sacred to Buddhists, because the Buddha is believed to have attained enlightenment under it. Hence it is also called the Bodhi tree or "tree of enlightenment".

I have a question from experts ,Peepal tree is born on my house's gate on north side but seems ,all portion here is cemented floor ,Under this gate is sewerage tank ,The gate touches next house and the tree is between wall of next house and my gate . We didn't plucked it ,as the reason you expert people  might know about it. Now this tree's hight is aprx 8 feets and seems like when it will come to its mature age it can cover entire area some of it under roof and some over our ladders ,So what you people suggest me ,should we leave it as it is ? or ..shall we pluck it ? what are the consequences of this tree inside my home boundary ,we even performed pooja's etc here ,but now problem is me,my brother and father all are under bad influence of sadhe sati and money is not coming frequently inside home ..there seems me some negative energy inside home. Kindly enlighten me .




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