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Give a certain percentage of your earning to universe by helping those who needed it the most.One is never poor to help out.Give according to ur capacity.Take care of Gods poor family too.The Fakir by Ruzbeh N. Bharucha

Because we can never be the owner of money.after your death money will go in someone else hands.This will reduce your Karmic debts too.

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What are the symptoms of people who are caught with a negative / evil soul ?

Om Shri Ganeshay Namaha.

There are many people in our society have suffered from  such negative or  evil souls.

People having high intensity come in the  notice to all but many  people are not having high such  intensity  of such  soul and get suffered form them.

How can we identify such people from their daily life and generalize symptoms?

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Some of the displayed symptoms of an negative/evil soul might be:
..excessive  fascination with themselves having excessive self-love together with great vanity.

..lies, manipulates and hurt others to obtain what they want.

..does not feel remorse or guilt, so without empathy and moral/ethical conscience.

..no respect for the rights of others

..no respect for laws and social norms, virtues and values

..can display unexpected violent behavior and emotional outbursts


Yet, despite all of this it is also believed that they still know the difference between right and wrong, so still have the capabilities of deciding not to do something that is wrong.


Om Shree Ganeshay Nmaha

Thanks Kuby ji for reply on the subject.

I  think this subject should require more detail discussion.




Okay, this is some good discussion. Thanks for starting this topic Tarlokji and Marieji Thanks for the great Info. I was told that I was under the influence of a negative soul or some high intensity negative energy...


This is my own experience I am writing here...


I was not self obsessed or not that I did not care for others, their feelings or priorities... It is quite the other way around.... I was full of guilt, so much that every little action of mine made me ashamed and almost wanting to strangle myself sometimes... Thinking very bad stuff about god and people... Sometime very vicious thoughts  I cant explain how bad my thoughts were... really bad is what I can say, I never acted upon any of them ever... I would harm myself before I harm someone else...If do harm someone accidentally, my guilt never lets me be cool about it. My heart used to feel very heavy, my thoughts too...I used to get depressed and cry a lot.. I used to think of the things I have lost and get even more depressed.... So much so that I was sick of myself.. I prayed to god, but nothing helped... I got angry on god for not helping me even when I begged him to... Oh! I have cursed god so many times...


This is just an over look of what I am going thru from a very very long time... May be from my childhood... One person from this board has helped me like my own brother and I thank him from the bottom of my heart... I hope and pray what ever he suggested works and I also wish him all the very best through out his life...

Om Shri Ganeshay Nmaha

Gori ji Special thanks to share your experience in this Group.

In Every  chemical ,electrical, medical,  processes  there are  some things  good or bad by products are produces  which  is must as per that process reaction .Its  effect  can be reduce with some special catalyst known by experience person of that process.

Same way when If anybody have negativity and   when they realize this truth and  start to do puja or mediation  as per  normal  standard   said by elder or parent  they also  to  face the by product of puja  . It may be hidden  negativity  of evil soul which may obstruct process of puja and disturb the mind of shadhak with negative thoughts ,This due to reason of  evil soul not wants to leave the body of shadhak  .


During  Samundra manthan  for production of Amrit  a  Poison also  produce which is by product of process .Which finally  taken by Lord Shiva for welfare of Devta's and Universe.Even  Dvata's has to faces the by product than why not to  human ?

Let us think beyond  our own limit of intellectual to understand hidden truth of spirituality.

Om Nmaha Shivay.


Om Shree Ganeshay Namaha

I wants to describe here some generalized symptoms regarding person caught with hidden bad soul .
Lose temper to any one very frequently.
Continuously feeling of unknown fear .
Lake of sleeps. Not able to sleep even after taking sleeping pills in sever case.
Lake of self confidence.
Not able to hear any kind talks regarding death , accidents or horror movies.
Easily Caught in any kind of fears.
When driving vehicle always feeling a fear of he will face any accident or vehicle coming from front will hit his vehicle.
When he or she going to sleep they will feel jerking in any part of body specially hands,legs,head (awaking) before going to deep sleeps.
Not able to hear any spiritual song or get disturb with it.
No interest or joy in any kind of parties of or any kinds of social occasions.
Feel that there is no need of him /her to present in this world he /she willing of death for leave this world and got permanent peace . In severity and bad case some unlucky people got suicide. This is main reasons of any kind of suicide death.
If people passing through good time slice of subha grah will think all these are fake things .
These can only be relies who are passing or already passed through such bad time slice and who have done the practice on such affected people.
This is happen when some one mainly passing through rahu or ketu’s mahadasa or rahu, ketu’s annter dasha and pratyantar dash .

Om namo Hanumate bhay bhanjanay sukham kuru phat swaha.

This is very interesting, sometimes this things, feelings and behavior we dont know exactly why happens. In my personal experience and study as a yoga teacher imbalances in our diet, chakras, unhealthy habits, and believing everything that comes to our senses, produce a unreallity state of living. Sometimes a simple shift in thoughts can bring a tremendous feeling of peace. Meditation, fasting, chanting, walking, hiking, swiming, dancing, laughing, voluntary community work are things that we can do. We just have to affirm good things and the Universe as we are part will provide. We are here to be free not to suffer, be one with God and as a child of Him, we can live as a prince...you have to believe in YOU!!!


            Jai Shree Thakur


                Dear Tarlokji,

                First of all there is no such like negative(evil) or positive soul. The intensity of positive or negative are actions of Karma Yoga i.e. Physical only.

                 Thanks & Jai Shree Thakur

Om shree Ganeshay Namaha.

You can check one person on this discussion share her experiences .Is that not true?

As per you there is no such negative or positive soul that means all souls are same quality?

If all souls have same quality than there should be equilibrium state among all.

But there is very rare case of equilibrium state under one roof.


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