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Give a certain percentage of your earning to universe by helping those who needed it the most.One is never poor to help out.Give according to ur capacity.Take care of Gods poor family too.The Fakir by Ruzbeh N. Bharucha

Because we can never be the owner of money.after your death money will go in someone else hands.This will reduce your Karmic debts too.

There is nothing more beautiful than someone who goes out of their way to make life beautiful for others.” ― Mandy Hale

What is the essence of life? To serve others and to do good.-- Aristotle







Parvathamalai ( பர்வதமலை ) place is very Auspicious Siva Temple in south India.

  Parvathamalai ( பர்வதமலை ) place is very auspicious siva temple in south India. This is 4560 ft high vertical mountain which has iron rod steps(Gadapaparaipadi), track steps(Thandavazhapadi), ladder steps(Yenipadi) and sky steps(Aagayapadi) which is very rare from any other mountains in the world and one of the wonders .


Parvathamalai ( பர்வதமலை ) is located at Thenmahadevamangalam [ தென்மகாதேவமங்கலம ] village which is about 20 kms off Polur. Polur is some 35 kms north of thiruvannamalai (Arunachala) Tamilnadu , India .


There’s a very powerful Lord Mallikarjuna swamy Shiva temple at the top of the Parvathamalai hill.


 After crossing 6 Chakras in the human body the kundalini shakthi reaches the sadashivam in the top of the body. Similar to that we have to cross 6 hills(Kadalaadi ,Methamalai, Kumari Mettumalai, Kadapparaimalai, kanakachiodaimalai) to reach Shiva Sakthi here.


 Bhairava (dog) will come all the way with the devotees guiding them from Bottom till Kadapparaipadi This is a hill visited by numerous Siddhas for Shiva worship. Reaching the hill is somewhat difficult. During the Pournami full moon, this hill attracts a lot of devotees.


Parvathamalai temple is constructed some 2000 years back by siddhars for practicing yoga .This is a place vested with a lot of spiritual power and powerful vibrations from the religious point of view. Many siddhars are living and practicing their skills around Hill and they will give darshan to many visitors.


Ramana Maharishi said there is no need for Guru for people in and around 30 Kms of Tiruvannamalai and he will guide them as Guru. So people interested in spirituality can come here every month and attain bliss and enlightenment.


Kanchi Sri Sankaracharya saw the hill in the shape of Shivalingam. He saw the hill as God and doesn’t want to keep his foot on the hill and just went around the hill worshiping it.


This year Parvathamalai grivalam on 16-12-2010.



There is no door or Priest in the temple. Like North India, here also people can get the blessings by doing abhishekam to God by themselves. It is more important to carry water and pooja items for abhishekam. you can see the passing clouds near you. Here also we can get the beautiful scene of sunrise and sunset ,The breeze with herbal scent coming from this hill heels all the incurable diseases .


Problems like lagging in business or profession, delay in marriage,etc will be solved by 5 or 7 or 9 visits to this temple and by offering a deepam in the temple and also childless couples after visiting this temple and by doing girivalam got children. .


I taken this video , see this Parvathamalai in 3 part





other web site about Parvathamalai : www.tiruvannamalaiguide.com/Parvatha-Malai.php http://temple.dinamalar.com/New.aspx?id=1034 http://www.dinamalar.com/aanmeegamnews_detail.asp?news_id=1818&...http://www.uyirmmai.com/uyirosai/Contentdetails.aspx?cid=1799 http://www.hindu.com/2006/12/05/stories/2006120503010200.htm

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Please seek forgiveness from the Souls of this and previous lives, whom we may have harmed, knowingly/ unknowingly. Also, forgive Souls of this and previous lives who may have harmed you knowingly/ unknowingly. I am forgiven and I forgive. Look…

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